Free Number Formation Rhymes. These are so fun! Print and Drive little cars, trucks and planes and learn proper letter formation.

Race Car Number Mats

Freebielicious: Doubles Aren't Trouble!

Freebielicious: Doubles Aren't Trouble!

dice addition games

Dice and Spinner Addition Games

Once Upon a First Grade Adventure: Dice, Dominoes, and Cards Galore! Math Workstation Freebies

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Interactive Math! Roll 3 dice, add them up and write the sum. Makes learning addition a little more exciting!

The Moffatt Girls: Interactive Math Makes Learning FUN!

Jessie's Resources: FREE Printables for Math, Reading Readiness, Spelling, Probability, Comparison, Science, Certificates, and more

Jessie's Resources: Free Printables

Greater than/less than FREE Dice game...we will be doing this in January and it is a great one to play at home as well.

FREE Dice games!

dice addition worksheets - math tub idea

Dice addition worksheets (SB6050)

Math centers game

Lucky to Be in First!: Math Mania!

Hundreds of Free File Folder Games at Games organized by theme or grade level (preschool through third grade):

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FREE Editable Labels for Bubbles (End of the Year Student Gifts)

Summer Ready: Keeping It Together During the Last Days of the School Year

How I Create and Maintain A Positive Classroom Culture for K-2!

How I Create and Maintain A Positive Classroom Culture for K-2!

Homemade Giant Bubbles Recipe

We used 5 kitchen ingredients to make the biggest backyard bubbles ever!

Salute is a fantastic card game to encourage speed and automaticity with basic math facts. This game works with addition/subtraction or multiplication/division. Click to get free printable game instructions.

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End of the year dice/card games to give kids

The Reading Corner: Year End Gifts

This activity is fun for the beginning of the school year. Students try to find something in the classroom for each letter of the alphabet! Too fun!

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Beach ball signing for end of year party!

End-of-the-Year Student Gifts and Momentos

This End of the School Year FREEBIE is a great critical thinking activity to review what students learned over the year! It's engaging and fun! Grab it now!

End of the Year ABC's

End of the year dice/card games to give kids

The Reading Corner: Year End Gifts

FREE simile self-portrait printable poem template!

Poetry Unit Plus FREEBIE!

About Face Designs 6 Teacher Apple Tree Mirrored Wall Art | zulily

6'' Teacher Apple Tree Mirrored Wall Art

Truth. Yes, some teachers may cause minor problems in specific classrooms, but the large majority is trying to improve the system one step at a time, even though most large decisions are up to administration, the school board, and local and federal government, which we can't do much about.

memes | Squarehead Teachers

survey method- a research technique in which information is gathered from people through the use of surveys or questionaires. (Ssvannah Wilson chpt 29)

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true story

Teacher Confession #425

How to say I'm sorry. This chart is great for teaching children how to say sorry and mean it.

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