~ Friends ~ Not many can say they have real friends. So when you find one that's rare keep them close. ❤

Children And Animals Cuddle In Cute Photoshoots By Russian Photographer Elena Karneeva ~ Things You Need To Learn

❅ I'm texting..that's cool...

24 Clever Ways to Build a Snowman

❅ I love building snowmen with my brother when it snows! Especially when there's a big blizzard and we can make a snow fort to go around it!

Snuggly socks and a nice hot cuppa..#myORwinter inspiration

45 Photos Of Holiday Porn For Coffee Addicts

these are just perfection / knee socks / thigh socks / knit socks / warm socks / socks / warm / fashion / style / winter / fall / cozy / fall fashion / fall style / winter fashion / winter style / winter socks / fall socks / thick socks

Stuck in a snowstorm. But what can you do? Nothing, except enjoy the beauty and pray for the best.

here’s the conversation we had when I took this pic…. Me: Get what? I’m just taking a picture of the fence. Tom: The robin! Did you get the robin? Me: Which robin?