Forgotten Mansion....Abandoned? Yes! But there is something so beautiful about it's solitude. I don't believe that empty houses are ever truly empty! Haunted? Maybe, maybe not.....but never empty or alone!

Abandoned Renaissance Faire, Fredericksburg, Virginia makes me think of the burrow on harry potter

A little fix up and would be great looking

Old Farm House.I can't help but think of the souls that once lived in this home and how awesome it must have been at one time. I LOVE old farms ( houses/barns ect.

"Old farm house - would be fun to decorate for Halloween" ~ Haunted Attraction Magazine

Think how absolutely gorgeous this old farm house with cupola once looked. I can see this once as a boarding house, hotel or roadside inn.

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Looking at the headstone tells you that family was usually buried on the family property.

I absolutely love these houses! So old and interesting

Photo was taken in the early Somerset County, Maryland. “Eastern Shore Series” by Steve Szabo,

Abandoned Ouerbacker Mansion - Louisville, Kentucky

Abandoned Ouerbacker Mansion - Louisville, Kentucky this is where my great grandpa lived! I remember going there when I was little

Once an elegant Victorian mansion, now forgotten in Kosse, Texas. More

Abandoned Victorian Homes

Once an elegant Victorian mansion, now forgotten in Kosse, Texas. The love that must have filled this house must now be imbedded in the walls as secrets.

Abandoned in Texarkana, TX

Pine Bluff, Arkansas a small river town that once rivaled Little Rock and Diet Smith in opulence, it's losing pulsation fast and its downtown is almost completely .

Chateau Grisclair, most possibly definitely.

An Abandoned Castle in Belgium! "The Château de Noisy Belgian is a spectacular castle, abandoned since Though the nature and vandals have become ruins still is an awesome place that reflects the beauty and luxury that had in the past.

Abandoned house in the ghost town of Eureka, UT. 07.25.2011 More

The ornate work around the porch doorway must have been beautiful when it was built Abandoned house, Eureka, Utah