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    Gingerbread Girl Designs
    These are the needlework designs that I have published under the name Gingerbread Girl, and you might just see some things that are on the way as well! You can also find me on Facebook!
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    My band for Nordic Needle's 2016 Retreat sampler. I love how it turned out! - Gingerbread Girl Designs

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    I found this design of mine (a class only piece), posted be one of my students. She did a great job! Gingerbread Girl Designs.

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    Learn the Punto Antico Fan Filling using this YouTube video from the Gingerbread Girl Designs YouTube channel.


    Have the prettiest needlework accessories around with this Punto Antico scissor fob and needlebook. Punto Antico will become your new favorite form of needlework! Il Giardino Antico Accessories.

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    Learn the wonderful techniques of Punto Antico embroidery while you stitch this lovely garden embellished with satiny Swarovski crystal pearls.

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    Make something special for each special person in your life this Christmas with this collection of birthstone-inspired Christmas ornaments worked in Hardanger embroidery. Each ornament features silk overdyed threads and Swarovski crystals. Luxurious!

    Sparkling Birthstone Ornaments | Gingerbread Girl

    Who doesn't like chocolate? Rhetorical question, of course! Discover the Chocolate Truffle Collection - four cross stitch designs, embellished with beads and buttons, inspired by chocolate. What's not to love?

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    Are you looking for a gift that's quick to stitch? These Sparkling Snowflakes fit the bill! Cross stitched with Kreinik braid and embellished with Swarovski crystals and pearls, they will be at home on even the most elegant tree!

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    Oliver the Octopus loves his spot on the coral reef. He can watch all of this friends swim by and wave to them (with all eight arms!). Casalguidi-style embroidery.

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    Tessa the Turtle loves to swim around the coral reef. This fun Casalguidi-style embroidery design will leave you wanting more - good thing Tessa has a friend!

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    Continue your needlework journey through the year with the second set of three ornaments in the Jewel Box Club – April (diamond), May (emerald) and June (pearl). A bead pack is available with all of the Swarovski crystals and other beads needed to stitch one of each of the three designs.

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    Bargello is such a satisfying form of needlework - the patterns are fun and they work up very quickly. Pick your own colors for this Beautiful Bargello Sampler, or follow ours. Either way, you're in for a great time!

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    Welcome to the Town of Ginger! This adorable little "gingerbread" town, worked in counted needlepoint, has many wonderful buildings to explore.

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    Check out the Filigree Sparklers collection! It's twelve blackwork designs in three leaflets and each design features sparkling Swarovski crystals!

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    The Jewel Box Club is a series of four patterns, each with three birthstone #ornaments. Club 3 showcases July, August, and September. You begin with a 7" x 10" piece of 18-count canvas. #canvaswork #needlepoint #Christmas #stitching #needlework #embroidery

    Jewel Box Club 3 (canvaswork)

    The Jewel Box Club is a series of four patterns, each with three birthstone #ornaments. Club 1 showcases January, February and March. You begin with a 7" x 10" piece of 18-count canvas. #canvaswork #needlepoint #Christmas #stitching #needlework #embroidery

    Jewel Box Club 1 (canvaswork)

    The Jewel Box Club is a series of four patterns, each with three birthstone #ornaments. Club 4 showcases October, November, and December. You begin with a 7" x 10" piece of 18-count canvas. #canvaswork #needlepoint #Christmas #stitching #needlework #embroidery

    Jewel Box Club 4 (canvaswork)

    Sparkling Birthstone #Ornaments showcases twelve different #Hardanger designs. #Stitch them in the colors shown or choose one color scheme for a coordinated set. The ornaments are a perfect size for stitching on the go! The size of each ornament varies, but each one takes a 6" x 6" piece of 28-count fabric. #needlework #embroidery #stitching #Christmas

    Sparkling Birthstone Ornaments (Hardanger)

    There is a particular kind of garden that is planted with flowers and plants meant to attract butterflies. In that garden, the butterflies become almost like moving flowers in their own right and add to the beauty of what has been planted. I wanted to bring that idea to life with thread and fabric (and, of course, beads!)

    Butterfly Garden | Gingerbread Girl

    Dolcetti - This is a Punto Antico design for a 16"x16" table center piece that I taught at EAC Seminar in 2013, now available as a leaflet.

    Dolcetti | Gingerbread Girl

    This exquisite table center is stitched in the technique known as #Punto #Antico. Kathryn taught this design at the 2013 Embroiderers Association of Canada Seminar. You will think you are right there in class with her excellent instructions and diagrams. The chartpack is 22 pages! You start with a 22" square of fabric. #embroidery #needlework #stitching

    Dolcetti (Punto Antico & Italian Cutwork)

    Undersea Fantasy is a set of #needlework tools in #Casalguidi-style #embroidery. Kathryn says that this set of designs leds itself well to creativity, so feel free to change the colors and placement of elements as you like. If you don't want to make them into accessories, you can frame the designs, stitching them in different ways. #stitching #needlework

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    Hello all! I just completed a new Punto Antico Gelato ornament and this one is chocolate! I've been invited to teach this one at the 2014 Nordic Needle Retreat and I'm really excited about it! Of course, I'll need a test class! 8/7/13

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    Hearts and Flowers - This set of needlework smalls is worked in Punto Antico embroidery. It's not available to purchase just yet, but classes should start soon!

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    Wavelength - Wavelength is a challenging counted canvaswork design full of fun stitches and wonderful threads. It was inspired by a hotel carpet (if you can believe that!).

    Wavelength | Gingerbread Girl