Minimalist urban photography from the series "Who want sky". The image shows a detail shot of architecture in front of a blue sky.

Urban Photography by Matthieu Venot

Minimalist photography of urban architecture and shapes by Matthieu Venot. Matthieu Venot is a self taught photographer from Brest in Brittany, France.

wall of .... omfg

Collapse of the World Trade Centre, New York City, USA, September 11 The South Tower collapsed at a. The North Tower collapsed at a.

Venice, Italy

(when you get on the ferry to go to Venice proper, this is really a sight to behold).

David Gonzalez, Dancers in Mott Haven, The Bronx, August 1956, in Seis del Sur, Bronx Documentary Center

"Faces in the Rubble In the Bronx, Capturing Beauty in the Bad Old In the middle of a Mott Haven street, a lone couple hugs tightly and twirls to the music of an unseen orchestra. Bronx, New York. Photo by By David Gonzalez

44 Minimalist Photography Inspirations

Minimalism in photography refers to simplicity. If you feel that less is more, I’m sure that you will find these 44 beautiful examples of minimalist photography(.


Pilot Captures Amazing Thunderstorm Photo at 37,000 Feet Over the Pacific Ocean

‘A Colossal Cumulonimbus Flashes Over The Pacific Ocean As We Circle Around It At 37000 Feet En Route To South America’, Santiago Borja Lopez - a Quito, Ecuador-based pilot who works for Ecuador Airlines

Saying Goodbye At The Train Station Before Departing To WWII

20+ Historic Photos Of Love During Wartime

Train Station Goodbye Don't know how many times my parents had to say good-bye like this during the war years.


A Photo Series Featuring an Oversized Dachshund and Her Owner Exploring Brooklyn

mitch boyer has creatred the book 'vivian the dog moves to brooklyn', sharing the story of a giant dog who moves to the city.


Halo Effect: Swimmers in Thailand Surrounded by Clouds of Bioluminescent Phytoplankton

Halo Effect: Bioluminescent Phytoplankton Surround Swimmers in Circles Of Blue LightWhile in Krabi, Thailand, Philadelphia-based photographer Will Strathmann captured an astonishing image of how.

Rich vs Poor

Aerial Shots That Demonstrate The Stark Divide Between Rich and Poor