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WOW, i HAVE TO REMEMBER THIS SAYING , i don't want to be remember by how much I whine in my life. * * * " Complaining about a problem without posing a solution is called whining " Teddy Roosevelt , Inspirational quotes

and this my friend, about says it all...

The hardest part about walking away from someone is the part where you realize that, no matter how slowly you go, they will never run after you.

A Person Who Truly Loves You Will Never Let you Go No Matter How Hard The Situation Is

I know that Romeo really loves me because we have been in awful situations but we never let each other go.

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” When love is real, it doesn’t lie, cheat, pretend, hurt you or make you feel unwanted. It’s supposed to be a cure to all your worries ”this is so true

25 Quotes About True Wisdom

"The true mark of maturity is when somebody hurts you and you try to understand their situation instead of trying to hurt them back." // (I don't want to label what "the true mark of maturity" is, but this idea of empathy vs revenge is important to me.

You ave The Power quotes quote inspirational quotes about life quotes to live by quotes about strength

Surround yourself with people who remind you that you matter, and support you in the ways that matter most to you. ~Les Brown Reminded me of the people around me these days.