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How Jesus calls you? – John 13: 33 – Jesus calls us as “Little Children”. He calls me “Little” because I need guidance and help. He calls me “Child” because I’m part of his family. Friend, look at the love and tenderness of our saviour. Jesus also asks me to convert myself as a child to enter his kingdom (Matthew 18: 3). Let our attitude be like a child when we come to Jesus. Let it be like a baby sparrow with her eyes closed and beak wide open to accept the mother’s food.
Jesus honoured God – John 13: 31-32 – Jesus honoured (glorified) God even when he was faced with death on the cross. God can be honoured even in our most difficult situation. For example, a God honouring wife can choose to bear sufferings joyfully at the hands of an angry husband. What difficult situation/person is before you through which/whom God’s name can be honoured? Like Jesus, can we pray that our soul will glorify God in times of trouble? (Hebrews 12: 2).
How Satan works – John 13: 26-30 – We see in v27 that after Judas received the bread, Satan entered him. Judas had already received money (Matthew 26: 15) to betray Jesus. Therefore, Satan used the Judas’ Love of money to betray Jesus. Even today, the “love for money” (not money) can bring separation between us and God. Do you want to see the 4 side effects of love of money? Please read 1 Timothy 6: 9,10 and message me these 4 side effects.
Betraying Jesus – John 13: 21-25 – Jesus said one of the disciples who ate, walked and talked with him for 3 years is going to betray him. At times I have betrayed Jesus especially after a time of prayer when I said “How much I love him”. Jesus is probably the only person who gets betrayed the most by the people who love him. Since you and I are unworthy receivers of the love of Jesus, can we ask for grace to love people who we know are taking advantage of us? (Romans 5: 8).
Want Blessing? – John 13: 16-20 – Jesus says “Blessed are those who know and actually wash other’s feet”. Jesus points out the difference between knowing and doing. Jesus knew Judas was going to betray him, but He still washed the feet of Judas. In your life there might be people who want to see you suffer. Are you ready to forgive them and help them when they are in need? If you do, then you are blessed. Read Romans 12: 20, 21. Like Jesus, let us overcome Evil with Good.
Go, Wash – John 9: 6-7 – On the command of Jesus, the blind man went away, washed and came back seeing. There was another man who came to Jesus but he went away sad (Mark 10: 17-27). Because he had lot of things and so he remained spiritually blind. Have you missed the miracle of seeing God? Do you enjoy real joy, peace and satisfaction in Jesus? Come to the river called Jesus where all our blindness will be washed away. Lord, open my eyes today.
Whose voice do you hear? – John 10: 4-6 – We (Sheep) will follow Jesus (Shepherd) because we know his voice. In your christian walk, do you run away from the voice of anything other than Jesus? or do you like and follow the voice of the false-shepherd? Some examples are 1) Seeking life guidance from worldly people is not the voice of Jesus. 2) Setting our life goals based on other people’s life means we are rejecting Jesus’ unique plan for your life.
Your Testimony – John 9: 24-27 – The man told the doubting people “I was blind. now I see”. Wonderful words from a healed man!! This is what Christian life is all about. I pray we can hear many testimonies like this – I used to lust after other people’s things and their bodies, but Christ delivered me. I used to always worry and struggle with anxiety, but Christ set me free. I used to fight with my wife often, but Christ has changed us to be peaceful people. Amen.
Working with Jesus – John 9: 4-5 – Jesus said “We must work for God as long as it is day”. 1) Our call is to work for God till the light is available. Time is short so we cannot postpone God’s work. Everything else can wait in life except for time WITH God and time FOR God 2) The amazing thing is that Jesus is calling you by saying “We must work”. You and Jesus are working together for the glory of God. Friend, night is approaching when we cannot work even if we desire.