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This picture caught my eye because I loved how her face and the reflection are crystal clear but her surroundings are blurred out. This really conveys her as the picture of innocence


this kid is so adorable and if he doesnt speak to your heart idk what will god christ hope love world life faith jesus cross christian bible quotes dreams truth humble patient gentle

sound- ah, childhood. a summer day outside with just a friend and the sprinkler was the best thing ever!

to my sons...

Should say daddy at the end but I cannot edit that part. I love my son quotes and sayings


"As the Sun rises on a new day, the only umbrella you'll need is a smile." (Laos) that smile is too beautiful


Can't wait until I have my little ones running around, and having morning snuggles:)

long board and cute kid! This will be my little boy one day. little preppy skater.