Girl on her knees in front of mirror----bulging booty-----black bra, panties, garters, stockings & high heels


Candice is my favorite supermodel, she proves that "big" hips aren't a bad thing, rather quite sexy. Ive got a 10 inch difference between the two but she blows me out of the water w/ her waist to hip ratio!


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LINGERIE ...of the sexy variety. Far more than just a bra, every woman should own a camisole, silk slip, negligee and silk stockings.

This great "over the shoulder" PIn-Up shot .helped along by a nice derriere, pouty face, sexy see-thru panties, Garter belt and stocking framing.all details but important details that are assemble by Photographer into a dynamite Picture!

Knickers by Agent Provocateur - Birthday Suit Ouvert

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Agent Provocateur, Carmilla, 2012

Autumn Winter 2012 from Agent Provocateur: 'Wilhelmina' Campaign Starring Mónica Cruz

Agent Provocateur, Milan 2013

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