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She is stunning! Embrace your curves. This is what a REAL woman looks like! She is like the perfect role model. not fat, not skinny. Love the swimsuit!


Black Beauty is more than a pretty face, dope body or the usually T&A shots you’ll find here on Tumbler. Black Beauty is beautiful curves, smooth lines, gorgeous smiles and all the wonderful feature.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara - her body type is beautiful I love that it's not stick thin and marries curves with flesh


massive-asses-thick-thighs: thank you for this pic friends. keep submitting pics


lingerie pin up, Elly Mayday~ Having curves shouldn't stop you from looking sexy, because curves don't have stop signs.

My dream body. Not only do I have to lose weight, I have to grow about a foot taller! LOL!

I love lingerie. Plus size lingerie is sexy. lovely Laura Wells for Elomi

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asian beauty!  I love you!  WBF

Japanese Plumper Ass BBW sexy curvy girl thick chubby plump Plus Size fashion model