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I can just imagine the bloop bloop bleep sounds that thing made when she hit each key.

Once upon a time, our computers and various technologies came in vibrant colors. It made sense at a time when computers were massive.

No original caption. [African-American woman computer operator], 1972 - 1991

African-American woman computer operator at the US Civil Service Commission in the The terminal of the NCR formerly National Cash Register Co. has a small screen and advance over earlier computers that displayed data only in print out form.

How I look on my laptop 90% of the time. HA!

Rihanna wearing Jacquie Aiche Diamond Filigree Body Chain and Cheap Monday Stretch Net Body.

8-bit inspired stockings, yes please! Tell me where to buy these and I’ll be forever thankful!

Add a dash of geek chic to your lingerie collection with pantyhose. Pac-Man picked up a pair for a formal event, but then realized she didn’t have any legs. Via So Geek Chic. Embrace your inner geek.

Apple. Everybody knows she is a computer, right? Shes also a car, beer, an ad against fur, the space program, higher learning, ...... Lets just say a womans body is a billboard. I think that covers everything!

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