Beautiful Red Barn

Beautiful barn in Vermont. I love old barns-I guess having spent so much time with grandma at the farm, she rubbed off on me a little bit. barns,Old barns,

Barn and fence in winter

I'd love to look out of my window and see this. What is it with me and Red barns. Reminds me of our home in michigan.

beautiful winter barn scene

beautiful winter barn scene, what a treasure to behold, some of these concern me are they real barns standing or the work of an artist paint brush on canvas.


A very pretty red barn nestled in gently rolling hills. I like the different patterns of the wood on this barn. Very pretty! (mkc via Pat Ryan)


What's a farm without a barn? Especially a red barn. I have a bad case of barn heart!

Old Barn

An old barn in Sevierville, TN * "The Home For Children" is located in Sevierville, TN

Barn in Winter <3

This picture is called "Caught in a Snowstorm". I took this pic of my big red barn and won first place in a local Photography contest!