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Check out these tips for homeschool planning, including scheduling, teaching multiple kids, and lesson planning! Be sure to visit us at…
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How to Homeschool in Three Days a Week
Simplify your homeschool schedule by compressing it to three days a week. Here's how!
25 Fun Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Homeschool
Welcome the new homeschool year with these 25 fun first day of homeschool ideas! Choose a few of these back to homeschool ideas to try with your family!
Preschool Homeschool Reading List
Help preschoolers build a love for literacy with this simple preschool homeschool reading list!
Tips for Teaching Multiple Kids at Home
Homeschooling more than one child this year? Try these simple tips for teaching multiple kids at home!
10 Free Homeschool Planners for the New Year - Look! We're Learning!
Get a jump on next year's school lessons with this roundup of free homeschool planners!
an apple sitting on top of books next to a chalkboard with the words minimalist homeschool curriculum for fourth grade
Minimalist Fourth Grade Homeschool Curriculum - Look! We're Learning!
Streamline your homeschool planning with this list of minimalist curriculum for fourth grade!
Free Printable Homeschool Day Planner for Kids
Let kids help to create their own school day plans with this fun coloring homeschool day planner!
Rediscover the joy of homeschooling with a look at some of the gifts of teaching children at home! Homeschool Gifts, Homeschool Field Trips, Teaching Children, Kids Talking, Photo Club, Math Concepts, Taken For Granted
10 Homeschooling Gifts I'll Never Take for Granted Again
Rediscover the joy of homeschooling with a look at some of the gifts of teaching children at home!
How to Start the Homeschool Day Right
Read the tips here: •
I'm Too Busy to Homeschool! - Look! We're Learning!
Are you too busy to homeschool your kids? Find out how you can test yourself.
Homeschooling In a Small Space - Look! We're Learning!
Make the most of a small homeschooling space with these tips!
Does Your Homeschooler Need a Standardized Test?
Get the details here: •
Fifth Grade Homeschool Reading List - Look! We're Learning!
Try adding some of these books to your fifth grade reading list this year!
an alarm clock sitting on top of a wooden table
How to Homeschool and Work Full Time - Look! We're Learning!
If you have to work full time, that doesn't mean you have to give up your homeschooling dreams. See how!