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black history coloring pages for kids
Black History Coloring Pages for Kids
These black history coloring pages are a fun way to introduce students to notable Black Americans in history!
Space Themed Kindergarten Early Skills Unit
Learn basic concepts about shapes, counting, letter sounds, and colors with this fun space themed kindergarten early skills center!
English and Spanish Hygiene Bingo Game
Help kids practice good hygiene habits with this bingo game - available in English and Spanish!
Spanish Parts of the Body Flashcards
Use these Spanish parts of the body flashcards to help early learners and ESL students identify body parts!
Ice Cream Shape Sorting Activity
This fun ice cream shape sorting activity is perfect for summer shape practice!
Digital + Print Rainbow Number Matching
Try the print and digital version of this rainbow number word matching activity for early numeracy skills!
Cupcake English and Spanish Matching
This English and Spanish cupcake number word matching activity is great for early math learners and ESL students!
Cupcake Big and Small Worksheets
Pick up these cupcake themed big and small worksheets for preschoolers!
Animal Diets and Habitats Sorting Activity
Teach students to identify land and water animals and what they eat with this animal sorting activity!
Adding to Make Ten Activity - Rainy Day Make Ten!
Use this hands-on adding to make ten activity to help students visualize adding to ten!
Sign Language Fingerspelling Worksheets - ASL Weather!
Use these ASL weather fingerspelling worksheets to help early learners practice writing and spelling!
cupcake letter matching game for kids to play with
Uppercase and Lowercase Cupcake Letter Matching Activity - Look! We're Learning!
These cute cupcake letter matching pieces are so fun for recognizing uppercase and lowercase letters!
Counting to Ten Activities: Shark Spotting! Counting Puzzles
These fun shark counting to ten puzzles feature numerals, number words, and counting objects!
Butterfly Counting to Ten Mat
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