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Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids
Use this simple indoor scavenger hunt to have fun with the kids at home!
40 Summer Learning Ideas for Kids
Keep kids learning during school break with these fun summer learning ideas!
Sleep Tips for Kids with ADHD That Actually Work!
Help your ADHD child get some sleep with these tips!
20 Super Fun Activity Books for Kids
Challenge kids with this list of super fun activity books they can work on!
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Use these simple tips to help your child start reading!
Fun and Affordable Family Night Board Games - Look! We're Learning!
Add some of these fun family night board games to your game collection!
25 Airplane Crafts for Kids - Look! We're Learning!
These fun airplane crafts and activities are a great addition to a transportation unit!
50 Fun Ways to Beat Cabin Fever With Kids!
Try some of these fun cabin fever activities next time the kids are stuck inside!
Best Friends! Printable Friendship Cards for Kids - Look! We're Learning!
Help kids send one of these sweet friendship cards to a friend who lives far away!
20 Cute and Creative Bento Lunches for Kids - Look! We're Learning!
Switch up your lunch routine with this list of cute and creative Bento lunches for kids!
How to Keep a Homeschool Tantrum from Derailing Your Day
Learn how to manage a tantrum and keep your homeschool day moving forward!
20 indoor activities for kids that are fun and easy to do with their own hands
20 Fun and Easy Indoor Activities for Kids - Look! We're Learning!
Try some of these simple indoor activities for kids on rainy days!
an indoor scavenger fun for kids is shown with the words inside and outside
Simple Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids
This easy indoor scavenger hunt is an excellent family night game!
How to Spring Clean Your Life - Look! We're Learning!
Get more than just your house in order with these tips for how to spring clean your life!
When Your Tween Shuts You Out - Look! We're Learning!
Raising a tween can be challenging. Here's what to do when your tween shuts you out.