Nottinghamshire, UK / Reinventing the wheel, for a smoother ride on bikes, trikes and wheelchairs. Shock-absorbing wheels, invented and made in Nottinghamshire, UK, from 2013.
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Nova Orthopedic Rehabilitation Appliances Inc. showcasing loopwheels in Taiwan and doing a great job!

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Jacky at 100 Power Co. Ltd. with his new loopwheels

Paolo from Italy presents his new Grazilla Cargo Bus bike, designed with extra comfort in mind, he found loopwheels!

New loop wheels - In Green, White and Orange, ready for the Wheelchair Rugby League 4 Nations championship at the end of September!

A conversion of an upright trike with loopwheels that our customer adapted the frame especially to retro fit loopwheels to - he's very happy with the result!

John Harper on his handcycle in the Peak District

Vincent David - Loopwheels with Batec