The Idea Shapers: The Anchor

In her 2016 book The Idea Shapers, Brandy Agerbeck makes visual thinking attainable and enjoyable through a set of 24 Idea Shapers. The Anchor is the fifth visual thinking concept in the third step, CONNECT + CONTAIN.
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What makes a Good student? -first day activity

Who doesn't like, the NO DAVID books? Pinner said:Beginning of school. This would even work in middle school. My kids love the David books (yes, I take them from my to share with my graders!

"Things That I Love" - sub lesson?

Things I love.

20 Art Therapy Activities You Can Try At Home To Destress-- this picture is an almost exact depiction of my life.

Anatomy of sea life || "The sting; the ray"... HAHAHA

Anatomy of Sea Life

Funny pictures about Anatomy of Sea Life. Oh, and cool pics about Anatomy of Sea Life. Also, Anatomy of Sea Life photos.

Exquisite monthly plan for your bullet journal show me your planner.

Future Planning hack I created in March. I basically wrote down all events, appointments, birthdays and connected them to the corresponding date/day on the wheel.

Connected Learning Infographic | Connected Learning - not really a sketchnote, but I liked the organizational structure that COULD be used when sketchnoting!

Many ideas for improving education sound very good but would never be tolerated in the educational system I was in for 28 years - [Infographic] Connected Learning: Equitable, Social, and Participatory.

Bilderberg group's connections, or why meetings of this powerful group of non-elected people should be public!

This Chart Shows The Bilderberg Group's Connection To Everything In The World .bunch of control freaks

As an introvert and a highly sensitive person, I feel like this some days.

Four Eyes Comic Strip, March 26, 2014 on

Gemma Correll ilovecharts: Problem Areas This week: Palm Reading for Millennials

Right Brain vs. Left Brain

Right Brain vs Left Brain Left brain people: process info in a linear manner, identify important details, are analytical, move in a sequential order, and use logic to solve problems. Right brain. > Brandy Agerbeck's Graphic Facilitation Work > From Workplace to Playspace by Pamela Meyer > Brandy Agerbeck's Graphic Facilitation Work > From Workplace to Playspace by Pamela Meyer

Strengthen your visual thinking skills with The Idea Shapers by Brandy Agerbeck.

a book on visual thinking by Brandy Agerbeck