The Idea Shapers: The Trio

In her 2016 book The Idea Shapers, Brandy Agerbeck makes visual thinking attainable and enjoyable through a set of 24 Idea Shapers. The Trio is the second visual thinking concept in the third step, CONNECT + CONTAIN.
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Chinua Achebe book covers

an amazing series of work from the collaboration of designer Helen Yentus and illustrator Edel Rodriguez. I especially love the illustration for Hope and Impediments; the illustration so vividly says both things. beautifully done all the way around.

The Element of Value in Art an Intro and free printable

The element of value in art is all about the lightness or darkness of a color; Value is an easy concept to teach and learn!


tijger by hier houd ik van. Easy to draw! Curved and straight lines, dots and color. My tiger didn't look exactly this one - but it doesn't have to!

Roland, written by Nelly Stéphane, illustrated by André François.

« Roland » illustré par André François

This is the House Where Jack Lives - written by Joan Heilbroner, illustrated by Aliki (1962).

TEA TIME~This is the House Where Jack Lives - written by Joan Heilbroner, illustrated by Aliki

MANFRED REISS (1922-1987) BE COURTEOUS. Circa 1955.  ROSPA poster

also can't help but love such a thing as "the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents" exists. Poster by Manfred Reiss ca. Be courteous, Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

Cooking for Christmas by Charlotte Turgeon - Illustrated by The Strimbans, 1950

Sometimes you stumble across something that's just so right - the illustrations in this cook book are one of those finds - 'Cooking for Christmas' by Charlotte Turgeon, Illustrated by The.