This would be perfect to design my basement as a mini guest house–easy access - Home Decor - Style & Trends - Home Decor - Style & Trends

1950 Cape Cod brick front | Brick Home With Sweeping Front Covered Porch And Triple Dormers

Salina Southern Home

I love how they picked a single color and based their landscaping off of it while also having other cool toned colors in the landscaping and the house.

fall in New England.Well worth the time to check it out and more than just a weekend. You have to go for a whole week and get around to different elevations and through big cities and small towns and dirt road country lanes.


“May your character not be a writing upon the sand, but an inscription upon the rock!” ~ Charles Spurgeon

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Love the porch and roofline! And it would be so nice to come home and relax in that little pool every day...