Sharing the bathroom for a poetic reading | This photo has so much bohemian vibe and art in it

of a couple lusts husband is exactly like this - Reading.i want him (future guy) do this for me.

This is so lovely. There is something so sweet about a picture of her feet being off the ground and a strong hand holding her.

"World Kiss Day ! Concours GLOSSYBOX" "What if I kiss you? Long kisses so you can wordlessly say all you never find the voice for.

breakfast in socks

Break Morning Routine: Drag some furniture out to your patio or balcony and have your breakfast there! sunlight and a good chair how romantic.

I could still hear her laugh- that laugh that sounded like tiny, crystallized raindrops on a paved road. A small smile tugged at my lips the same time my heart pumped painfully at the distant memory.

Write about the above picture. Are they a couple? Friends? Siblings? Or did they only just meet? What city do they live in? Are they coming home from somewhere, or going somewhere? Is it her bike or his?

We all know that one couple. Whether it’s your sister and her boyfriend, your best friend and his ball and chain or those two screaming people you call your parents, they’re that couple that’s just that miserable. They fight and talk behind each othe…

For a relationship to really work, the people involved have to be more than just partners or lovers – they have to be best friends. Best friends have a special sort of relationship. They have a relationship that is more understanding, more lenient an…

Nice love couple

Then comes sex and a stIff drink and a night of sleep in a sweet, exhausted rats' tangle in our big soft bed.