I have been enamoured with Barcelona candy company Papabubble for quite some time.


How to Create a Candy Buffet

Candy buffets add an element of fun and color to your wedding or event. The key to a fabulous wedding candy buffet is not skimping on the candy!

Sweet dream realized on S.F.'s Russian Hill

It's hard not to be hypnotized by the making process at S.'s Papabubble.

Garry Cohn design a Candy Store in Brussels.

Photo about An assortment of colorful candy on full frame background with jellybeans, gumdrops and other jelly candies - 8939634


Cake Push Pop Containers- Create colourful and delicious individual desserts in these push pop containers. Size: Pack of 20 Push Pop Containers. Each assembled container is (High) x (Diameter) x (Stem Height) Pl