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Geared Wheel Light Switch Plate Cover

Pre-Assembled (Not a kit) These whimsical sets of gears translate a rotary action into a vertical motion. Real brass screws and washers speak of the quality of this quality piece from. This is the onl


From Australian design duo Manual Arts DEpt.]the Fishtail Soundbox offers innovative natural amplification of your smartphone’s speaker and hands-free functionality.

These Overly Complicated Light Switch Covers From Green Tree Jewelry are Awesome «TwistedSifter.

Green Tree Jewelry designed light switch covers that involve gears and levers to overly complicate the process of turning a switch on/off.

Vase - laser cut Más

I believe in the virtue of flatpack design. And these beautiful plywood accessories have made me very happy. Japanese company Flat Packables specializes on practical and simple objects that can bri.

Lasercut Geodesic Dome - Post your project - Machines Room

Lasercut Geodesic Dome - Post your project - Machines Room Más

insérer chaque "dents" d'une pièce entre les autres d'une pièce voisine.

Octagonal Bowl (Box Joints)

Laser Cut Planetary gear wine stand #decoration #organization #storage

Planetary Gear Wine Stand