Rockhouse, Jamaica.


Rockhouse Hotel @ Jamaica-- looks beautiful! Jamaica is my next destination for sure!


Autumn in Burgundy Street, Madrid, Spain. This would be AMAZING for wedding pictures.

"I took the road less traveled by and that has made all the difference."

I heard you like roads

I heard you like roads~~~~~do you really~~~~~by the time you get to the end~~~~~you may never like roads. So look at Amazing Paths!

Frozen Tsunami wave in Antarctica

Funny pictures about Frozen Tsunami in Antarctica. Oh, and cool pics about Frozen Tsunami in Antarctica. Also, Frozen Tsunami in Antarctica photos.

Multnoma Falls, Oregon. (Been there. Hiked that. Several times)

Oregon / Multnomah Falls on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge, east of Troutdale, between Corbett and Dodson, along the Historic Columbia River Highway. Been the in the summer and the winter, there are no bad pictures of the falls.


41 Places To See Before You Die (Part I)

Visit Iceland and see the unique charm and there are always opportunities to experience new things. Always wanted to go to iceland!

De Jesus Sanchez

Shrouded Tree, Seville, Andalusia, Spain - the roots are as beautiful as the branches!

The most beautiful place in italy. The most beautiful place in italy. The most beautiful place in italy to visit.

aurora borealis

Extreme photographer captures aurora borealis

So want to see them but when they happen in Sweden there is usually too much cloud cover to observe them and I'd have to go further north-what a thought!