Aries Cheat Sheet

heh - see that Cancer one heart? My rising sign is cancer. And I'm married to a Virgo (very happily). So much for charts.

What herbs to use in making Sage and Smudge - What is Smudging - How to Smudge

Bruce Taylor: "Gardening as a Form of Worship" Grub up the dying, start with something new. Deprive the bad and nurture the good. Simple stuff it seems at first, herbs drying.

another drying rack idea

Any structure to dry herbs on. rustic ladder herb dryer I have this ladder and the herbs to dry !

Aries: In Love, PART ONE:

Aries: In Love. The whole freedom and togetherness thing is so so true. I don't know why it's so hard to find.

how to make sage smudge sticks

Smudge sticks are used in traditional Native American ceremonies to purify people and places. If you would like to try smudging, it is very easy to make your own sage smudge sticks. They smell wonderful.

Floral Smudge Sticks

how pretty color smudge is! - Large peaceful harmonizing lavender rosemary & rose by aperrakis.

Beautiful smudge sticks!

White Sage Smudge Bundle with Roses

Healing White Sage sacred smudge bundle with roses, blue sage & artemisia - Sage Goddess

smudge sticks

Large healing sacred sage smudge stick with roses, lavender, rosemary wrapped in sparkled floss with lots of love

Smudging House Cleansing and Protective Blessing from #Pagan #Wiccan #Spells

Pagan and Wiccan house blessing, house smudging, protection spell, negative energy