Elevator Illusion

Elevator Illusion Shocks Unsuspecting London Shoppers

artist Andrew Walker creates a illusion that looks like there's a hole in the bottom of the elevator. Guerilla marketing to promote the opening of the Nemesis Sub-Terra ride at Alton Towers Resort; @ Southside Shopping Centre in Wandsworth, London

Collapsing Cooling Towers

Are These The 43 Funniest GIFs Of All Time? This entire page is just full of funny gifs.- Beware- funny gifs, but some foul language.

Minimalist Pixar Movie Posters

Minimalist Pixar Movie Posters

Minimalistic Pixar Movie Posters by Wonchan Lee Illustrations) > Design und so, Film-/ Fotokunst, Illustrationen > illustrations, monster.

No bollocks

As a brand, Newcastle Brown Ale is no nonsense—or as its new ad campaign puts it, "no bollocks." The British beer also has little time for rivals who it believes are all bollocks—chief among them, Stella Artois.

Print campaign to advertise Lego by making minimalist representations of cartoon characters - Southpark

Imagine with Lego

IKEA Posters Fold Out Into Moving Boxes

In Canada, IKEA Posters Are Also Boxes


World Food Day, Unicef Switzerland Ad i like how that've made a hand out of the fork. simple yet meaningful ad

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