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Original Pin: Now I want to know who the monkey would be.(Mulligans and Lafayette can be Timon and Pumba) lol

Hamilton and Text Posts

you disgust me but classier and sassier and slay gurl slay

Every day I think, "Today is the day I will not cry during 'It's Quiet Uptown'," and every day, I am wrong.

Hamilton and Laurens

Hamilton and Laurens <---- Hamilton is literally me, I've said those exact words.>> I scream those words at my mother when she tells me to go to sleep at one am

Hamilton: An American Musical Collage

I made a Hamilton collage! :) Because if I’m going to be thinking about it anyway I better make something productive, right? Let me know if you put it to good use!

Hamilton + text posts (6/?)

Honestly this is pretty much me (though along with asshole, add anxiety-ridden awkward nobody) so im just going to double pin this

I feel like this was created just for them to make sure they were separated at all times //I guess you can say Ham is Washington's left hand man<<<<<<OH MY GOD

Even just in the song (which sadly, is the only way I can have anything Hamilton) you can hear it in his voice how happy he is

who would’ve thought king george the 3rd would ever be a problematic fave;;;; more hamilton fanart help

Exactly how I imagined this song. No wonder Washington chose to break up with England.