Never heard of or seen the Volvo P1900 until today. Only 67 were ever made, so this is one rare old Volvo. Pretty car.

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The Jaguar XJ6 coupe is in my opinion one of the best looking Jags of all time. Today's Jags are an abomination in comparison to this fantastic design.

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Mon Dieu! Not sure how to feel about this, it's beautiful and tragic at the same time. A Citroën DS deserves better than this but the image is still fantastic.

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The UK has a long history of producing some of the automotive history's most boring cars, but I think I can safely say that the Ford Escorts from the mid 70's really are the most dreary and bland cars of all time.

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Ferrari 308? Oh no, meet the Pontiac Mera! Sanctioned by Pontiac, this was an original option for Pontiac Fiero buyers looking for something slightly prettier! Less than 250 were made before Ferrari sued and production was ceased. Nice looking car though, and why wouldn't it be? I mean the 308 is gorgeous!

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