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Holy floop the last bit wasn't in te movie it was in the original story board woah- Elsa and Anna Frozen gender swap

Omg I love this lol!! XD

The fandom put him here lol but wait I haven't seen frozen theories about Tarzan?<---- when their parent's ship crashed, their parents survived and were the parents from Tarzan.< love this



Quase todas histórias acabam no final feliz (se houve algum, claro), e os filmes da Disney seguem essa regra fielmente. Mas a artista Vixen resolveu contin

Depois do final feliz de Frozen

Elsa:The queen on fire

Elsa:The queen on fire by RikaMello on deviantART. Good thing she didn't have fire power. She would've burnt down Arendelle

My heart just shattered into a million tiny pieces. Aaaaand now I /really/ can't hate Hans

I'm not supposed to feel bad for him! Stop making me feel bad for him! It could've been his brothers as well especially the three that pretended he was invisible!

I would have enjoyed the movie if it was genderbent, honestly. I'd love it either way! Would have been interesting to have a clumsy, silly male protagonist...

Rule 63 Frozen - Gender bent Anna, Elsa, Han and Kristoff (as well as Olaf and Sven).- This is so cute! And is it wrong that I find gender bent Anna (Andy) so attractive?