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that was the cutest and saddest part of the whole movie// step mother love // When love turns into revenge and that revenge turns out into true love.


I love Maleficent

Not entirely true. The young toddler, Aurora, was Angelina's daughter for the reasons stated in the post. Not the baby. << Exactly, the scene where Maleficent holds little Aurora (up, up) could only be filmed with Vivienne. Plus it was sooo cute

Maleficent Disney Sleeping Beauty Rorschach style by jefflangevin, $30.00 #maleficent #disney #sleepingbeauty

Maleficent Art Print Disney Painting Sleeping Beauty Fairy Tale Illustration

Maleficent by Kuro-D on deviantART

This movie was a wonderful example of how even those in the depths of despair and fury do not always stay that way. They are not doomed to fate as many believe. Incredible artwork Maleficent by Kuro-D on deviantART

Maleficent Head dress- branches and thorns

Vote For The Best Alternative Film Poster Of 2014

Disney's Maleficent movie poster by Simon Delart. This artwork is made entirely of triangles! I like this movie a lot

Maleficent. I thought it was obvious. Beautifully done. She has been so outspoken. And this carried a message to an entire generation. Love her so much.

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I've watching this film loads of times and never noticed this :O well done disney! Disney cares about people It was super sad to watch this scene.

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