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Loreline Hubert
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Do you need a quick boost of happiness? If so, hop on the mat and follow this 20-minute yoga essential flow. Forget your troubles, boost your energy and create a lighter, happier you! http://www.spotebi.com/yoga-sequences/happiness-boosting/

Improve your range of motion, increase circulation, and calm your mind with this 10 minute full body stretching flow. [ "Improve your range of motion increas

15 minutes de YOGA par jour, pour débutants

Voileuse Mag: 15 minutes of yoga a day

Denim weave...♥ Deniz ♥

Weaving Denim for sewing clothing and accessories.

La position de l'enfant pour faciliter la digestion

Recovery strategies to minimize down time between training efforts.


Simple Homemade Peppermint Toothpaste: cup + 2 TB coconut oil, soft cup good-quality baking soda tsp Real Salt 1 tsp bentonite clay tsp liquid pure stevia drops peppermint essential oil, the amount will depend on taste preference

Boom met uil

Owl on a branch

owls, maybe paint them on the wall of my daughter's new room!

3 cute little owls on a branch.

DIY - Un abat-jour des plus décoratif et pourtant très facile à réaliser !

Diy lantern via twine

Boom met uil

Owl on a branch

Alfred Basha illustration

Tree sprouting into a bird - drawing by Alfred Basha.