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Paint three craft sticks silver and let them dry. Glue them together at the…

yarn (we used about 2 yards for one web) to the center of the sticks. Wrap it around the other spokes, then move outward, wrapping the sticks as shown. Tie off the yarn and add a plastic spider.


I've made these before and they fast and cute. M kids loved them. Wooden Airplanes :) Great for a birthday party project!

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Glue-less printable turtle

Fabulous Mandala Turtles for you to color and play with. Comes in color, too. Free sample avaialble.  Printable, coloring page, 3D coloring, Hattifant, kids craft, grown up coloring

A Mandala Turtle for you to color and craft or you may choose the colored version to craft your own Mandala Turtle.