Korean artist Bae Se-hwa - the appearance of his Steam 11 walnut chair. i like the shaping, colour and texture of this. And the fact it connects more with organic seeds and nuts.

Architects David Freeland and Brennan Buck

"Stacked Mockup" by architects David Freeland and Brennan Buck. First conceived as a dynamically torqued pavilion for the Lightbox Gallery in Surrey, UK

Locking Detail

A great example of how CNC technology is changing the face of traditional joinery //

MODE Studio | Graffiti Cafe

The Graffiti Cafe is located in Varna, Bulgaria, designed by Studio MODE. The Graffiti Cafe mimics the outer front design , while the back half features a

Korean sculptor Cha Jong-Rye creates her magical works by layering & sanding hundreds of delicate wood pieces!

Cha Jong-Rye, woodwork The cone shape that is prevalent in her work references birth in nature, where a pointed tip bursts through the earth's surface and continues to reach upward as it grows.

fully CNC milled wooden office interior, One Main (Cambridge). Mark Goulthorpe.

Rethinking architecture Mark Goulthorpe teaches and practices new design and construction logics for the next generation of high-performanc.