Loren Rhoads

Loren Rhoads

San Francisco, CA / Author of The Dangerous Type trilogy, Wish You Were Here: Adventures in Cemetery Travel & co-author of Lost Angels. Blogs at CemeteryTravel.com.
Loren Rhoads
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The San Francisco columbarium plays host to the remains of thousands of the city's deceased residents.

The San Francisco columbarium plays host to the remains of thousands of the city's deceased residents.

Luke Skywalker Isn’t Supposed to Be “Nice”  |  Tor.com

Luke Skywalker Isn’t Supposed to Be “Nice” | Tor.com

Women are the Champions of the Rebellion Now  |  Tor.com

There was a moment in Rogue One—a flawed, complicated moment, in a film which many people didn’t like—that fundamentally changed what the Star Wars saga is about. In the final sequence, instead of …

The statue of Jefferson Davis recently removed from Memphis Park (photo by Ron Cogswell/Flickr)

The recent removal of statues of Jefferson Davis and Nathan Bedford Forrest illuminates the many problems with the memorial landscape in Memphis and throughout the United States.

star wars || war pigs - YouTube

star wars || war pigs - YouTube

Disney’s on a quest to dismantle its own myths. Will we follow?

So says a silhouetted Luke Skywalker in the trailer for The Last Jedi. The line shocked Star Wars fans, and helped sell more tickets to the movie’s opening weekend than any movie in history — at…

I had a really intense personal reaction to Luke Skywalker, Depressed Asshole, and thought I should explain it.

Fans petition to remove The Last Jedi from Star Wars canon

Napoleon's tomb, Les Invalides, Paris, France

Napoleon’s tomb, Les Invalides, Paris => This thing is HUGE. And the ironic thing is that the actual coffin that Napoleon is in is small. It's more like "Nesting Coffins" or a box within a box, within a box.

The Occult Roots of Modernism | The New Yorker

Joséphin Péladan’s mystical art exhibitions, in Paris, set the stage for everything from Kandinsky’s abstractions to Eliot’s “The Waste Land.

The cemetery were victims of The Bridge on the River Kwai are buried via www.hellfire-pass.commemoration.gov.au

The 6 Amazing Cemeteries You've Never Heard Of include a ghost town in Chile, a Jewish cemetery Hitler didn't want destroyed, and more!

Little girl's grave - Graceland in Chicago?

The Girl in The Glass - GRACE SHERWOOD ALLEN died in at 4 years old. Her distraught parents commissioned Sydney H. Morse to execute this life size marble statue. Someone has thoughtfully left her a lollipop.