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Okunoin Cemetery, Koyasan - by jwvraets, via Flickr. Amidst the mountain top Buddhist temple complex at Koyasan in South Central Japan (South of Kyoto) lies one of it's UNESCO World Heritage sites; the Okunoin Cemetery. Dating back well over one thousand years, the cemetery houses commoners and emperors. It lies amid a forest of giant cypress trees and the various stone markers as well as more elaborate tombs, mark the final resting places of an uncounted number of people.

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Bela Lugosi was buried in one of his vampire capes. At the time of his death he was so poor that Frank Sinatra picked up the cost of his funeral.

10 Classic Horror Stars' Spooky Grave Sites


Melaten Cemetary, Cologne - not an angel, but sooooo cool

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Kerepesi Cemetary: ("Fiume Road National Graveyard") is the most famous cemetery in Budapest. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in Hungary which has been almost completely preserved. This photo is of a still abandoned area in the cemetery.

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This little girl is buried in Centralia, IL at the Elmwood Cemetary. Died of typhoid ever and her mother grieved herself to death later. People still visit her grave.

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detail from a gravestone at Colonial Williamsburg

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Inside London’s Prostitute Graveyard - The Daily Beast

Inside London’s Prostitute Graveyard


W.A. Mozart, St. Marx Cemetery, Vienna

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8 of the World's Strangest Burial Spots | Atlas Obscura

8 of the World's Strangest Burial Spots


Achingly tender and beautiful statue in the Melaten Cemetery, Cologne.

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Cemetery Postcards


“It is a question, you understand, of deadly solitude, of that desperate and brilliant region where the artist operates.” The headstone of the poet and playwright Jean Genet.

Gravehopping: Jean Genet


Lovely Danish cemetery. The photographer says: "I wouldn't mind making this my afterlife home."

Cemetery parks


25 Cemeteries That Will Scare You Out Of Your Skin

25 Cemeteries That Will Scare You Out Of Your Skin


Eva Peron's memorial plaque in Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires - from Guy Portman's blog

My Visit to Recoleta Cemetery

  • Sharon Rose
    Sharon Rose

    Same cemetery I wrote about in your first Morbid Curiosity!

Horse Grave at the Custer Battlefield

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Brooklyn’s Gangster Graveyard (aka Green-Wood Cemetery) - The Daily Beast

Brooklyn’s Gangster Graveyard


Europe's Loveliest Cemeteries

Europe’s Loveliest Cemeteries


Springtime in Mount Auburn Cemetery. Photo by Loren Rhoads.

A Fun-Filled Day at the Cemetery? Absolutely!


From the first Korean saint to the first dracula (aka Bela Lugosi), diverse tales of people from many different continents are all united by a single religion at this Culver City cemetery.

Holy Cross Cemetery: A Catholic Oasis with a Macabre Twist


Jack Kerouac's grave is in Massachusetts.

3 Notable New England Graves to Plan Day Trips Around


From Israel to Brazil, elevated cemeteries are providing the final resting place for thousands of people as space runs out at ground level

Raising the Dead: Lack of Space Forces Cemeteries Skywards


Aoyama Cemetery, Tokyo

Grave hunting in Tokyo's realms of the dead


World’s Most Beautiful Cemeteries - Articles | Travel + Leisure

World’s Most Beautiful Cemeteries


Take your Children to the Graveyard! -- an explanation of why and how from Scoutie Girl.

Take your Children to the Graveyard!