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This Hidden City: Moore-Jackson Cemetery in Queens, New York City

Moore-Jackson Cemetery + Athens Square Park

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Exploring Hyde Park’s Hidden Pet Cemetery

Hyde Park Animal Cemetery from

Exploring Hyde Park's Hidden Pet Cemetery

Exploring South Park Street Cemetery in Kolkata

History Six Feet Under

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10 Historical Graveyard Tours Across America

Established in 1849, Sacramento City Cemetery (the oldest one in Sactown!) is full of dramatic statues, Victorian garden-style plots, and the remains of mayors, governors, war veterans, and Cholera victims. The cemetery committee's walking tours by lantern are an excellent way to see the grave sites after dark. (October dates TBA;

10 Historical Graveyard Tours Across America

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This Picturesque Island Graveyard Is the Final Resting Place of Dozens of Notorious Pirates

Discover The Pirate Cemetery in Analanjirofo, Madagascar: This picturesque island graveyard is the final resting place of dozens of notorious pirates.

The Pirate Cemetery

Cemetery headstone with Whitby Abbey behind, Whitby, North Yorkshire, England. There is a hostel right over that wall, we stayed in Jan. 2005. Part of Dracula is set in this cemetery.

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The Skogskyrkogården, a Swedish cemetery that fused the classical and the modern

A cemetery that showed the way

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South Park Street Cemetery

An eclectic mix of influences rot together in harmony in this India necropolis

South Park Street Cemetery

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San Cataldo Cemetery

This ultra-modern burial building would have stacked the dead like a giant filing cabinet

San Cataldo Cemetery


Tips for Tomb and Monument Care

Forest Home Cemetery, Illinois - The United Ancient Order of Druids (UAOD), fraternal order, founded in England in 1781-This monument, erected in 1888, contains symbols associated with UAOD-the "logs" arranged in concentric circles, the all-seeing eye within the triangle, and shrouded figure of the Druid


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St. Andrews Cathedral

The remains of what was Scotland’s largest and most magnificent church still show how impressive St Andrews Cathedral must have been in its prime.

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Loren Rhoads

Sterling is the largest city in Central Scotland. The city is clustered around a large fortress and medieval old-town.

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colorful cemetery

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Day Trip from Dublin: Romantic Wicklow Ireland

I loved the ground she walked upon - Wicklow, Ireland| The Travel Tester I know it's strange to want to visit a cemetery as part of your bucket list...but ya know...

I loved the ground she walked upon - Wicklow, Ireland

Cemeteries- Edinburgh Castle, Scotland - view from the graveyard

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Tomb of Liliana Crociati (1970), sculpture by Wilfredo Viladrich - Recoleta Cemetery (Buenos Aires)

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Why Victorian-era Southerners created seashell graves and where you can still see them

The sea shall take them home. According to "The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture," seashells were a representation to slaves of returning to Africa: "They said the sea had brought them to their new country and the sea would return them to Africa when they died." So whether the shells were scattered or cemented into place, "they are meant as a symbol that ensures a safe journey is made to that unknown shore where everlasting life is possible

Why Victorian-era Southerners created seashell graves

Los Angeles Pet Cemetery, California: As with many cemeteries, ghosts lurk in this one as well. The ghosts of long deceased pets. It is rumored that Kabar, Rudolph Valentino's Great Dane, haunts the grounds. He has been heard barking and panting, and has even been felt licking unsuspecting visitors' hands.

LA Pet Cemetery - Weird California

As Aiko Sato placed flowers at her family’s headstone last week, she thought it could be the last time she would see it. Slow-moving lava was inching closer to the Japanese Cemetery in Pahoa, Hawaii, and officials had allowed her the opportunity to visit. But after lava flowed over the cemetery, Sato’s aunt was given a photograph taken by a geologist documenting the lava’s advance, showing the Sato headstone still standing in a sea of black lava. Photo credit: US Geological Survey via AP.

The soul is bone - As Aiko Sato placed flowers at her family’s...

Tomb monument of Marie Antoinette (1755 - 1793) Queen of France and wife of Louis XVI. The Gothic Cathedral Basilica of Saint Denis, Paris

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Koyasan (grave yard) ~ Wakayama, Japan ~

Life Beyond by Jose Meis Meaño | 500px

Mozart family plot. St. Sebastian's Cemetery, Salzburg. Interestingly, Paracelsus is also buried here.

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