Cairo Museum

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As a life long enthusiast of anything Egyptian, this is, for me, the greatest museum in the world.

Loretta Speak
This necklace was originally found on the mummy of Psusennes I. cairo egyptian museum-heavy gold necklace of Psusennes Dynasty, Third Intermediate Period. Egypt Jewelry, Jewelry Art, Antique Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Ethnic Jewelry, Resin Jewelry, Boho Jewelry, Ancient Egyptian Jewelry, Egyptian Art

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*EGYPT ~ Gold bracelet from the treasure in the Royal tombs at Tanis (circa BC) Cairo Museum Ancient Egyptian Jewelry, Egyptian Beauty, Cairo Museum, Egypt Mummy, Egypt Jewelry, Statues, Ancient Artifacts, Ancient History, Archaeology

Gold bracelet : from the treasure of the royal tombs Tanis, ca. 1070-712 B.C. Cairo Museum

Inside the Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt Cairo Museum, Egypt Museum, Beautiful Places In The World, Places Around The World, Around The Worlds, Egypt Travel, Africa Travel, India Travel, Francia Paris

Egyptian Museum - Inside Egyptian Museum. They have so many mummies, they're stacked like cords of wood.

Coffin of Ahhotep. From Dra Abu el-Naga. Reign of Ahmose. Egyptian Mummies, Egyptian Art, Egypt Mummy, Ancient Artifacts, Ancient Ruins, Kemet Egypt, History Of Wine, Ancient Egypt History, Archaeology

Egyptian Museum, Cairo.

Coffin of Ahhotep. Wood. gold, alabaster, obsidian. From Dra Abu el-Naga. Reign of Ahmose. 1550-1525 B.C. Egyptian Museum, Cairo.

Pectoral: the god Amun-Re receives the pharaoh, Tutankhamun´s treasure Historical Artifacts, Ancient Artifacts, Ancient Aliens, Ancient History, Egypt Jewelry, Jewelry Art, Ancient Egyptian Jewelry, Cairo Egypt, Cat Art

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Mystery of the Mummy from KV55

Akhenaten, Egypt’s first and only monotheistic Pharaoh, has intrigued Egyptologists for centuries. Has the Egyptian Mummy Proj...

Gold funerary mask of Shoshenq II, reign BCE, dynasty. Discovered intact by Professor Pierre Montet in Cairo Museum. Egyptian Kings, Ancient Egyptian Art, Ancient History, Cairo Museum, Egypt Museum, Kemet Egypt, Egyptian Pharaohs, Objets Antiques, Egypt Mummy

Gold death mast of King Sheshonq II (Heqakheperra c.890, Dynasty 22), mask. Sheshonq II only reigned for a year and he had been co-regent with his father Osorkon I (Sekhemkheperra 924-889 BC). His intact burial was found in the antechamber of the tomb of Psusennes I. Cairo Museum, Egypt.