Happy Birthday Colada. Cake vodka, marshmallow vodka, strawberry rum

I want this for my birthday----> Happy Birthday Colada: Cake vodka, marshmallow vodka, strawberry rum.I literally might trip someone or ninja kick someone running to this drink.

Summer reads.

2014 Must Read Books this summer - These look like light, easy reading. I want to try these this summer!

wall of balloons

what could be more fun than a balloon wall? Fun backdrop for a photo booth spot for the party too. I'm definitely going to begin collecting random printed/colored balloons!

Uuuhhhg you get me.

If you know me at all, you know I hate wearing pants. It would be a much better world if everyone were pants-less.

photobooth props

Photo props for the photo booth (guests get their pictures taken and post them in the guest book)!