Mom!  Mommy!  Ma!  MOM! Haha I can see me doing this to my mom.

The perfect baby nursery print! Original fine art photographic black and white print of a baby cheetah playing with mom, by wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas.

Precious =]

Things that make me smile BIG (33 photos)

Two different giraffe babies have been born at two different zoos in recent weeks. We've brought them together for a not-so-little rubbernecking opportunity! San Diego Zoo Safari Park A giraffe calf named Machaleo made his debut alongside his mother,.

This is so sweet.

Hold Me Please we posted this pic just for your fun time, please check this funny picture out. - Hold Me Please

Angora Rabbit. LOL! How cute??

Not a big cotton ball but a white Angora rabbit image charming soft white wool!


true love, giraffe calf (baby) and mother ~ photo by Roeselien Raimond

Ive always wanted a giraffe!

This Is Sammy.I love giraffes :) This Is Sammy.I love giraffes :) This Is Sammy.I love giraffes :)