bottlecap tumbtacks

I honestly thought these were earings first. But it is a cool idea: A homey take on the traditional locket, bottle caps inset with small black-and-white pictures, above, can be used as thumbtacks or magnets. Magnet and Thumbtack How-To

Bottlecap Lampshade

*** Bottle cap lampshade - Recycled craft you can even put old multi-colored Christmas lights in an old bottle and put the bottle caps on the bottle

Bottlecap snowman ornament

i think i will be making these this Christmas & craft bazaars! Shannon Makes Stuff: Bottle-cap Snowman Ornaments

Buttons to Hair Ties

DIY button hair ties,,, Also if you find a big enough button you could make curtain tie back's.

bottlecap mural

AMAZING bottle cap mural @ my adventures in positive space. Could do with card stock circles in a variety of sizes.

embroidered  bottlecap

Cute, unusual and humerous pincushions. goose pincushion by Feltland fish bone pincushion by FairyCraft flower pincushion for your wrist by agnleg This is Frank. He's more of a sachet than a pincushion made by Laura Stanley - transfer printed and.

bottlecap tabletop

DIY Coffee Table Top with Bottle Caps. I wouldn't do a coffee table like this, but this would make a fabulous mosaic art project for the littles!