Homemade Christmas Gifts

Homemade Christmas Gifts

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Silhouette Cameo Projects | Parties, Signs & Decor, and more! Fall in love with your Silhouette with these DIY projects.

Silhouette Cameo Projects - Design, Dining + Diapers


Family Tree skirt. Keep adding handprints as more members join the family! Love this idea.

Burlap Tree Skirt

  • adele ❁
    adele ❁

    You could probably buy some canvas fabric at your local art store, ant trim to fit around your tree! Then you could Buy an iron on initial if you want......and any other things you would want to add

  • adele ❁
    adele ❁

    and not ant

  • Ashcroft Fine Glasware
    Ashcroft Fine Glasware

    Love it!!

  • Vita Abengowe-Shaba
    Vita Abengowe-Shaba

    Great idea

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Christmas gift ideas to make #diy gifts| http://cars-and-such-thurman.blogspot.com

Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas


30 DIY Christmas gifts. Pin now read later. HOLY MOLY this has a TON of ideas!!

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  • Tiffany Ann
    Tiffany Ann


  • Monica Vigna
    Monica Vigna


  • Ashcroft Fine Glasware
    Ashcroft Fine Glasware


  • Janet Stewart
    Janet Stewart


How to put together a recipe book. Page templates---good idea for my favorite Pinterest recipes. (I so need to do this)

all things simple: family favorites recipe book

  • Denise Evangelista
    Denise Evangelista

    so cute we are going to try this

  • Dawn Faires Larson
    Dawn Faires Larson

    I've never tried anything like this before. It looks like fun and the start to bigger things that I would enjoy doing. They would make nice gifts for very special people.

  • julia havrylesku
    julia havrylesku

    made this for my mom,she loved it!!!!!

  • Dawn Faires Larson
    Dawn Faires Larson

    @Julia I bet your mom loved it, I would love it also. What a wonderful gift for her.

  • Eugene Watkins
    Eugene Watkins

    I love it so much that I,ll be making one or more.

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15 Holiday Gift Ideas for Grandparents

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Pringles can covered with wrapping paper for cookies!

a thousand words

  • June Boswell
    June Boswell

    I love this idea, I believe that I will try it.

  • Patti Anne Hummel
    Patti Anne Hummel

    But, how do you get the smell out?

  • Alf Ferguson
    Alf Ferguson

    Great idea!

  • heva vissangy
    heva vissangy


DIY - Christmas presents for friends

DIY The Perfect Mix Favors

  • Karen Sterling
    Karen Sterling

    Absolutely, love this idea!

  • Ana

    like this for friends

  • Melissa Green
    Melissa Green

    I love this idea a lot we r making these for my kids teacher for Christmas .

  • Lucia Roberts
    Lucia Roberts

    i love that idea but in aus it is summer so you wouldnt want a hot chocolate

  • Robyn Haaven
    Robyn Haaven

    Love it ❤️

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Five Steps to a Successful Cookie Decorating Party--- Why didn't I think of this when the girls were little and I was baking 200 cookies for cookie parties?

oh meaghan: Five Steps to a Successful Cookie Decorating Party

  • jewel hall
    jewel hall

    love this idea

Easiest and most amazing roast ever. Combine the ranch, italian dressing and brown gravy packets with a 1/2 cup of water and pour over roast in a crock pot.

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  • Emily Stefanko
    Emily Stefanko

    I've used a combination of those except one was substituted with an onion soup packet. I think it was the Italian dressing that was substituted.

  • Islandgirl Bella
    Islandgirl Bella

    Too much sodium!

  • Gail Cruz
    Gail Cruz

    I just use the onion soup mix and a little hot pepper flakes...so good - the gravy will make itself

  • Ashlee Rollins
    Ashlee Rollins

    IMO, nothing beats the old recipe of can of cream of mushroom soup with a packet of lipton onion. Yum! I've tried this but it did not have as much flavor.

  • Janice Savage
    Janice Savage

    1 can of french onion soup and 1 can of golden mushroom is great over roast. When almost done add potatoes and carrots little onion chopped.

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Next winter, if your area is below 32°, go outside and blow "ice bubbles" The kids will never forget it!!

It’s Freezing Outside…Time for Some FUN!!

  • Jessica Casali McHenry
    Jessica Casali McHenry


  • Michele Forbes
    Michele Forbes

    Have to try this with our Grandchildren...so awesome!

  • Becky Smith
    Becky Smith

    my grandchildren will love this

  • pinklemon 17
    pinklemon 17

    so cute thanks for sharing

12 days of Christmas gifts for your husband. Spice up your relationship in the dead of winter!

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Easy craft clay... dries hard. Perfect to make ornaments for the kids to paint.

Easy Craft Clay

  • Ariel Buckley
    Ariel Buckley

    have the kids were gloves if there helping you roll it out my hards broke out, but my kitchen counters never been so clean

  • It's My Pleasure! Wedding & Event Planning
    It's My Pleasure! Wedding & Event Planning

    Very neat, can't wait to start with the kids

  • Nette Nielsen
    Nette Nielsen

    I made these years ago. Being in a very humid wet place is not good for the longevity of these, however they worked beautifully for awhile. Dry climates prob last a long time.

  • Ola Bator
    Ola Bator

    How much of the ingredients do you need?

  • Eugene Watkins
    Eugene Watkins

    it looks so easy to make I will start as soon the next holiday comes up.

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Pipe cleaners and Christmas bulbs... cute!

2013 RAZ Aspen Sweater Decorating Ideas

  • Jessica Casali McHenry
    Jessica Casali McHenry

    I'm a huge decorating buff! You can be sure I will be doing this somewhere in my home this year. Very nice

  • Beth Yeager
    Beth Yeager

    Love it!

Frugal Christmas gifts

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Instructions on how to take a picture of Christmas lights. I can't wait to try this!

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  • Julie Hammon
    Julie Hammon

    Now if I can get the dogs to sit while I take the photo!

  • Christy Peters
    Christy Peters

    The right link.... http://unskinnyboppy.com/20...

  • Lynsey Hayton
    Lynsey Hayton

    Logann B thought you might enjoy this! x

personalized dish

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  • Mari'Anna Robinson
    Mari'Anna Robinson

    @ Dimisuniquecreations Last Name Oh! Totally!

  • Angie Ramnarain
    Angie Ramnarain

    How do u make this?

  • yissy de luna
    yissy de luna

    me gusta

  • Georgie Veness
    Georgie Veness

    What type of clay would you use?

  • yissy de luna
    yissy de luna

    I use modeling clay flowers and clay making pictures

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12 days of Christmas for spouse. Love this idea!

Quick Sweet Treats | The Dating Divas


A Very Proper High Tea by Sybaritic Pleasures! Blackberry Cream Cake, Scones with Clotted Cream and Berry Jam, Butter Biscuits, and Savoury Sandwiches - in ONE post!

A Very Proper High Tea - Sweet Adventures Blog Hop

  • sally billhymer
    sally billhymer

    I am planning a feb tea. this is just what I was needing. thank you.

Buy plates from Dollar Store Use a Sharpie and decorate...Bake at 350 for 30 min. Becomes permanent and safe - could do with quotes, monogram, or special days of the year. Christmas gifts?

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  • Barbara Collins
    Barbara Collins

    If it's on a non eating or drinking surface (like a soap dispenser), you can use nail polish.

  • Julia Grubbs
    Julia Grubbs


  • Susie Storm
    Susie Storm

    Great idea...

  • Donna Lawrence
    Donna Lawrence

    has to be oil sharpie

  • Linda Groskopf
    Linda Groskopf

    Just an FYI... per sharpie company the markers are not considered food safe baked or not!

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accessories wall

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  • lisa bishop
    lisa bishop

    awesome idea

  • Emma Pharaoh
    Emma Pharaoh

    love ittttttt

  • Dawn Faires Larson
    Dawn Faires Larson

    This is styled beautifully and had everything organized at the same time!!! I love it.

  • Bree Davis
    Bree Davis

    best idea ever! :)

  • Dawn Faires Larson
    Dawn Faires Larson

    I think its so clean looking. I've never seen sunglasses styled in this way. Pretty neat!

Love this!

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  • Ashley Slone
    Ashley Slone

    Michal Yourdon Looks like something you would make (:

  • Tiffany Guevara
    Tiffany Guevara

    so BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • maria tay
    maria tay

    love it

  • Erica Bevie
    Erica Bevie

    In our house we pray - awesome gift to take home

bird pillow

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  • Mary Bartlett
    Mary Bartlett

    Love this...I might need to make it.


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