Future me at the gym

How to enjoy your workout.you go Grandma.I am proud of you for going to the gym. Hey, even if you just dress up in workout clothes and drink alcohol there.at least you can tell the family.Hey get off of my back.I went to the gym!

Too cute

I am such a dog person but seriously . a kitten is the cutest thing ever . and a baby panda . and a baby pengouin . I want them AAALLLL! my heart

This is the best thing I've ever seen. *Cries uncontrollably*

This is probably the best kind of prank…

Faith in Humanity: This is the best "prank" I've ever seen (aka beautiful gesture)! Christmas for a homeless man.

Sooo stinking funny!

“Have the courage to touch the "Butt," The greatest courage of all, to risk your own life to venture off into the sea … inspired by Disney’s “Finding Nemo." Design by Blu.

I'm going to have to remember this line.

Funny Mother's Day Ecard: Yes, I know I am the meanest mom in the world. They made me sign a contract before I could bring you home the hospital.

Matthew 6:33 - oh how I love this

25 Rules for Mothers and Daughters.This is so beautiful. My mother did all these things for me and I would like to do the same for my daughter one day

12"x24" 'Sometimes when I need a miracle I look into my son's eyes and realize I already have one' subway style hand painted wood sign, typography wall art

Love this quote so true: If you're a parent you'll appreciate the sentimental value of this new sign. "Sometimes when I need a miracle, I look into my son's eyes and realize I've already created one" all wood sign

Love this

everyone said to Vincent Van Gogh "you can't be a great painter. You only have one ear. "I can't hear you" - Steve Carell quote inspirational quote IDFWU quote

@Chelsea Rose Rose Rose Rose Norris  I'm buying this for you, if you and Rick have an oops. Funny Baby Onesie Best Oops Ever Pregnancy surprise via Etsy

Original Best.Oops.Ever - Surprise Pregnancy, Funny Baby Shirt

Funny Baby Bodysuit Best Oops Ever Pregnancy surprise cute one piece bodysuit funny baby shirts- so funny & cute