Cook up the bacon and set aside. Mix pancake mix and pour a small strip on the skillet. Place bacon on the strip of pancake batter and pour enough batter over the bacon strip to cover it. Cook as you normally would regular pancakes.

Bacon cups. Try with prosciutto too?!

Artful, not sure about healthy, but, its BACON! Bacon Cups as Salad Bowls. After you're done eating the salad, you can even EAT the bowl!

Bacon Bouquet

Recipe: Bacon Bouquet

Valentines Day is coming up and what man doesn't love bacon? This cute bouquet of bacon roses is sure to bring a smile and is fun and easy to make!

bacon beer biscuits

I'm on a bacon kick this week. first it was bean and bacon soup. Best soup you'll ever eat! Now I'm making these bisc.

barbecue bacon cheeseburger pasta

Ever think of a fantastic idea for a recipe? Then, just as your arm is aching from patting yourself on the back for being so creative an.

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