Lorie Sommers Yoder

Lorie Sommers Yoder

I love EVERYTHING about Pinterest and all the ideas it gives me because my style is ever evolving!
Lorie Sommers Yoder
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JenEcklund's Blog: Antique Brass Jewelry

From Sundance Catalog TRINKET WATCH NECKLACE Modeled on the allure of antique charm bracelets, our handcrafted brass pendant necklace jingles with a one-of-a-kind vintage watch amidst a bevy of beautiful brass-plated baubles and Swarovski crystals.

nautical_wreath - love the colors! Different than sheet music paper...

Lovely twist on the sheet music wreath using old chart maps. Dunno if it would translate to a tattoo or not but I adore the concept of making maps themselves into a compass rose.

reclaimed crafts

These yard sticks turned business card holders are a perennial best seller, and with my new miter saw, they look better than ever.