Freezer Berry Jam Recipe from Taste of Home -- shared by Rita Pischke of Whitemouth, Manitoba

Freezer Berry Jam

Freezer Berry Jam Recipe -"We live on the farm where my husband was raised," shares Rita Pischke of Whitemouth, Manitoba. "Whenever we find wild blueberries nearby, I make this gorgeous ruby-red jam. It's also wonderful as a breakfast sauce.

Huckleberry Crisps-- This dessert can be made with either fresh or frozen huckleberries or blueberries.

Huckleberry Crisps

Huckleberry Crisps Recipe - I have 4 bags of frozen huckleberries in the freezer that I have been saving.

The Bojon Gourmet: Lemon Huckleberry Tea Cake

The Bojon Gourmet: Lemon Huckleberry Tea Cake-YUMMY! Neighbor asked if she could pay me to make her a loaf. Have already made it several times since!

In this baked oatmeal recipe, rolled oats, fruit, nuts, vanilla and other spices melt into a delicious dish perfect for breakfast or

Baked Oatmeal Recipe - Food and Recipes

Huckleberry Jam (freezer jam) ::i'm pretty sure a lot of people use the name 'huckleberry' to mean 'blueberry' (maybe its a regional thing??) and i think this lady used blueberries. i pretty much think that because she raves about how good the berries are, and... well... mine aren't very yummy...

Huckleberry Jam (freezer jam)

All I have to do is walk into the woods behind my house for all the huckleberries I could ever want.

Recipe_Hills Resort Huckleberry Pie

Recipe_Hills Resort Huckleberry Pie: Hill's Resort, Priest Lake, Idaho has fabulous Huckleberry Treats and this one is their best! I didn't realize they shared some of their recipes! Will try this one (Best Pie)

Huckleberry Crisp Recipe for my freshly picked Montana huckleberries

Huckleberry or Blueberry Crisp

This huckleberry or blueberry crisp recipe, covered with a buttery oat topping, is a summer classic. Best huckleberry crisp recipe ever.

Wild Huckleberry Jam

Wild Huckleberry Jam

Wild Huckleberry Jam ~ Quick and easy recipe I copied from my friend's cookbook. I think it was published by the Idaho Fish and Game department.

Huckleberry Cheese Pie

Huckleberry Cheese Pie

Huckleberry Cheese Pie Recipe -To us Idahoans, huckleberries are a treasure! We've enjoyed this recipe a lot, and serve it as a "special treat" when we have out-of-state guests.