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an old blue door with peeling paint on it
Blue door
blue pottery is stacked on top of each other
Porous Soul
a blue flower with water droplets on it and the words, when we pray things change doors
a window with blue and purple glass in it's dark room, showing the light coming through
Blue light
stained glass window at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral
trees are reflected in the still water of a lake at twilight, with blue hues
Dawn of Transitorio, by Sakaguchi Yukio
a blue puzzle piece with missing pieces
Blue and puzzles <3
three blue hearts on a purple background
Three, now.
fireworks are lit up in the night sky with green and yellow lights on it's side
ღამეში მოხეტიალე
two drops of water floating on top of each other in the blue water, one is upside down
Shape and color by Gry Heubach / 500px
drops of water
the sun is shining through some clouds in the sky
Cobalt sky after the storm
Cobalt sky after the storm
a blue butterfly flying in the sky with swirls and bubbles on it's wings
Teniamo quello che vale la pena di tenere e poi, con il fiato della gentilezza, soffiamo via il...