Novel: Burning Sky

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2014 Christy Award winner, Historical, First Novel, Book of the Year: "The 18th century New York frontier bred courage in those who survived its perils... but is she brave enough to risk her heart again?"
medicinal plants- turkish manuscript, second half 18th century

medicinal plants- turkish manuscript, second half century Books are a special blessing - Cherish them.

Cap! Could be.

Lowl, she is kind, funny, and playful. She is considered childish but is fully grown. She has no mate or pups but she thinks no one will have an interest in her so she just stays on the low.

She reminds me very much of Margaret Pine Bird, who would most definitely make a pet of a fox kit if she could.

☆ Kindred Spirits :¦: By Artist Karen Noles ☆.this face - I see myself here when I was a little girl :)

Cabin Pumpkin Patch: this made me think of Willa's homestead in Burning Sky.

Pumpkin patch at Fossebrekke farm in the Norwegian area - Old World Wisconsin - Loydheathphotography

Laudanum bottle, circa 1740-1800

Laudanum bottle - One of sixteen glass bottles contained in a travelling medicine chest. Laudanum is a tincture of opium.

"... late 18th-century Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) headdress ..."  The antlers would mean that the wearer was the chief of his clan or a representative to one of the 50 Council fires.  Women selected the chiefs.

non-westernhistoricalfashion: “ Headdress Anonyme - Anonymous Eastern Woodlands Aboriginal: Iroquois? century Deer head skin with antlers, tanned hide and thongs, porcupine quills,.

Eastern Woodland Indians Clothing | Woodsrunner's Diary: Woodland Indian Women.

Walks All Over by Pamela Patrick White at Imagine Art Studios in Smithfield, Virginia

Iroquois cradleboard, circa 1800-1830.

Baby carrier (cradleboard) Eastern Woodlands Aboriginal: Iroquois century Wood, hide, metal screws and bolts, paint

This is the country Neil MacGregor traveled. Looking down from Mount Marcy | 22 Overwhelmingly Beautiful Photos Of The Adirondacks

22 Overwhelmingly Beautiful Photos Of The Adirondacks

Looking down from Mount Marcy: The highest point in NY State is not a skyscraper.

Iroquois Warrior with tomahawk

My Native American Warrior Series to Date

The Iroquois Tribe belongs to the Confederacy by the same name. Known by different names, such as 'League of Peace and Power', 'Six Nations', and even 'People of the Longhouse', the group is one of the earliest Native Americans.