Print on wax paper to put on wood

mc-tues-31 : theBERRY

affirmation cards on the go

How to Create Affirmation Cards On-The-Go

Step by step tutorial on painting autumn leaves

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How to Make a Succulent Terrarium Necklace Tutorial - The Beading Gem's Journal

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DIY Pebble Hangers for Jewelry. So cute and simple.

DIY Pebble Hangers for Jewelry

Declutter: How to Decide What Stays and What Goes

Declutter: How to Decide What Stays and What Goes

5 Creative Ways to Display Artwork Without A Frame > Driftwood photo display

5 Creative Ways to Hang Artwork Without a Frame | At Home In Love

DIY Hanging Vase

DIY-Home-Decor: DIY Hanging Vase

How to take clematis cuttings.

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K&J Magnetics Blog

K&J Magnetics Blog

Left Brain Vs. Right Brain: The Eye Opening Insights This post will shed light on the question are you predominantly left or right brain person? If you know, then you can understand yourself much better.

Left Brain Vs. Right Brain: The Eye Opening Insights

How to Build a Pochade Box from a Cigar Box

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collage and wax

Encaustic Technique #3: Collage and Enclosures

Encaustic techniques and tips

Encaustic Technique #2: Wax and Layering

hotpaint lisa kairos great info

encaustic technique | Lisa Kairos: Open Studio

How to turn an Altoid box into a mini watercolor travel paint set!

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DIY :: Acrylic paint (enamel works even better, but it's more expensive) on a few smooth rocks, then placed here and there in the garden, makes a surprise treat for the eyes. I make sure to use non-toxic paints.

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56 Inspirational #Craft #Ideas For #Easter

PHOTOS: The Pagan And Christian Roots Of The Easter Egg

Encaustic photo tutorial

Encaustic photo tutorial

Tie yarn around a paint roller for an awesome effect! Love!

Pintura, como lograr efectos especiales

want to try this, embossing then misting

Be inspired… | Tattered Angels

Repurpose glass containers as terrariums.

All items are Eco-friendly | Yelp

Ezshwan Winding,encaustic and oil

encaustic and oil

DIY :: Sequins in water... pretty and simple.

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