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How Long Will My Meat Keep?

Handy Chart: How long is meat good for in the fridge or freezer? We rarely keep meat at all, but, good to know.

Emergency Ingredient Substitutions

100 Recipe Ingredient Substitutions {Baking tips, recipe substitutes, cooking tips}

Valentine this and so easy to do with food coloring and a squeeze bottle!!  Click the link for lots of other great Valentine's Day ideas!!!

love this and so easy to do with food coloring and a squeeze bottle! Just add Batter and food coloring to a squeeze bottle!

Perfect Steak

Manly Man Tip 2

Funny pictures about How to cook like a man. Oh, and cool pics about How to cook like a man. Also, How to cook like a man.

Easy handmade pasta recipe, you will never use boxed pasta after you try this recipe. -Italian

Easy Homemade Pasta

Easy handmade pasta recipe, you will never use boxed pasta after you try this recipe. Whisk egg and olive oil before adding to flour and salt mixture.


Cooking Bacon Tips: Running Bacon under cold water before cooking will reduce shrinking by up to Always cook bacon in the oven for 10 minutes at 365 for maximum flavor.

7 Ways To Fold Dumpling

7 Ways To Fold Dumpling. it's like art to me for the love of dumplings.

How to Preserve Avocados by Freezing

The Creative Cubby: How to Freeze Avocados / I don't put my foods with plastics so I'll try wax paper directly onto the avocado halves prior to putting into a freezer bag (we'll see!

A Guy Cools A Coke For 3 Hours And Pours. You'll NEVER Believe What Poured Out!

How to Make a Self-Freezing Coca-Cola Slushy (Or Any Kind of Instant Soda Slurpee) « Food Hacks So freaking awesome!

How to Cut Toast by stephenwildish via foodbeast #Infographic #Toast

Toast is a beautiful thing that is magnified when cut properly. This diagram shows you all the correct ways to cut toast.

Fruit Bouquet tutorial

How to make a DIY fruit bouquet (it's easier than you think!)

Fruit Bouquet tutorial - the Achievement Day girls used mason jars with marbles in the bottom. Would recommend a more open bowl next time and use playdough or Styrofoam in the bottom - the kale on the top make it look really professional.

Balsamic Vinegar Pearls - just tried this technique out, worked beautifully! tasted great and the experience was amazing! had it with watermelon bits

Balsamic Vinegar Pearls Recipe

Balsamic Vinegar Pearls Recipe: 100 grams equals and agar agar should be a little more than a tsp

Smart Health Talk Cooking Tip: Know Your Apples - Not only important to use right apple for cooking & eating, but know what's on that apple. Over 50 different pesticides have been identified on one apple. Many don't wash off and accumulate in soil and end up in fruit. NEVER BUY CONVENTIONAL ONLY ORGANIC APPLES. Monsanto now trying to get non browning GMO apple through FDA and make us to eat it. GMO pesticide + GMO DNA change by adding DNA from non plant source + 50 or so pesticides. Buy…

Whether you dip them, make sauce with them, squeeze them into cider or bake a dessert with them - APPLES are incredible! These Apple Recipes include Dinner, Sides, Snacks and of course Dessert! The perfect recipes for Apple Season!

How to freeze eggs (one website suggests separating whites from yolks, other say to mix them together:,,

Smart Tip: Freeze Leftover Egg Whites & Yolks

Smart Tip: Freeze Leftover Egg Whites & Yolks: Thoroughly mix one teaspoon of sugar with each egg yolk before storing; this will keep the egg proteins fluid after freezing. You can mix the yolks with salt as well, t of salt per cup of yolk, roughly.