I have the same feelings when I look at this picture as I do when I look at the other nature image. It's a very soothing photograph and it reminds me that sometimes it's okay to slow down and take a break from the craziness that life can be. Knowing that play is a healthy, fun way for us to be more productive and creative has really helped me understand how it ties into my autonomy.

Friday Favorites ::: Autumn Arriving

Lets get a cabin in the woods and wake up early to see the beautiful morning and drink coffee while listening to the birds! and then get ready to start our adventure!


The most beautiful landscapes in the United States pictures): Isamu Taniguchi Japanese Garden’s Togetsu kyo bridge at Zilker Botanical Gardens in Austin Texas

Here's some morning motivation for you!

My morning pep talks when it was a long night, and the morning air is frigid.

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But on hearing the tapping, Gisella arose from bed and walked to her window ~ and gazed across the cobblestone court yard to the hen yard ~ it was not only the rooster tapping on the feed house window but also the chickens with chicks.