Nc que pasa pero cada dia que pasa me desiluciona su forma de amar

Tomarse de la mano está subestimado

Trump The Joke

what happens when you take a joke too far? the president of the united states of america

Such a tough choice... Clinton or Trump... << man America really fucked up. And all the people too blind to see it. He's not my president, he doesn't represent me. {edit: This isn't an invitation for a debate. I'm not wasting anymore of my time on pointless arguments on Pinterest of all places. I don't want to hear how great you think Trump is. Clearly I don't feel the same. Take it somewhere else, cause I'm sick of it} {edit 2: loving the comments on this}

Such a tough choice. Clinton or Trump. << man America really messed up. And all the people too blind to see it. He's not my president, he doesn't represent me.

Before Unions came along, every day was "Bring your Child to Work Day."

TaxDodging Trump thinks working Americans are Paid too much!Labor 411 Thought about Take Your Child to Work Day

(Video) In Rural Ohio, Trump Voters Wait For Corporations To Relocate To Them - The Intellectualist

WHY indeed …

Angela Merkel vs Ivanka Trump: When did your doctorate in physical chemistry and have been the de facto leader in Europe for 14 years but you have to be polite to a handbag designer who thinks she's your contemporary.

Whiny Little Bitches 2016

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How many people have to die from guns until we do something? Both the president and first lady look fed up!

First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama comforting family at the memorial for the Navy Yard Shooting.

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