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Salle Privée de Marie

Watercolors ( Polyscias Balfouriana ‘Marginata’ ) I love this plant. I can literally stare at it for a long time. It looks like an artist has painstakingly dabbed every leaf with watercolors. Every leaf has a different shade of green patches.

Gem Tables by Debra Folz

The Gem Tables by American design studio Debra Folz Design are nothing if not bright and shiny, and who doesn’t like bright, shiny objects? First presented at NYCxDesign the Gem Tables mimic the facets of gemstones, creating a light-refracti.

Schneider electric- Normal studio

Ovalis - Wiring accessories by NormalStudio for Schneider Electric. A comprehensive range of electrical fixtures with the functions essential to our daily lives, including switches, sockets, thermostats, dimmers and detectors.